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I've got my netbook back up and running. So, maybe more pictures? The trend may continue assuming I can find my charger for the battery for the camera. Hah.

My lack of posting lately is due to sleeping so much lately. I get home from work and I end up so exhausted that I tend to fall asleep shortly after dinner, then I wake up around 10 hours later only to have to rush to make my lunch and rush off to work.

In any case, last night we went to the Elmdale to see J's cover band again. I really don't like the Elmdale. It's an over priced dive bar. $11.00 for two bottles of 50 is ridiculous. The upside is that we were able to hang out with J. for bit before he had to play. Another upside is that they were airing the Pat/Broncos game. I was watching while the Broncos did their swarm and gestured to Shane to check out the, "What the fuck" moment. While we were staring at the TV, I can see this woman in my periphery gestulating randomly. It looked like she was about to have a seizure. She then comes to our table and very aggressively asks me why are we staring at her. I looked at her like she had two heads and simply said, "We're watching the football game on the TV that's right behind you, just above your head, and a fight just broke out." She looked rather miffed that we weren't actually staring at her. She went back to her spot by the door, stood there for about 10 seconds and then walked outside.

I guess the lesson here is that it's not always about you. Sometimes, when you think people are staring at you, look behind you!

We stayed for a bit longer after that and then rather quickly decided to go to Swizzles. Neither of us had been there on a Saturday in ages so we figured we may as well pop in since we were in a cab anyway. It was lovely being able to have some drinks while vaping inside.

Speaking of vaping, neither S. nor I have had a proper cigarette in a week now. The odd thing is that neither of us really miss them. The electric cigs really take the edge off. We were both surprised that we didn't even try to have a drag last night while we were out drinking.

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I really don't enjoy the whole shopping experience. From leaving the house, to hunting for stuff, and than the commute back home. I've been putting off buying new pants for ages but I had to go out into the wilds of Rideau today because last week my favourite pair of jeans ended up with a giant tear on the ass. (Which I discovered at work, of course.)

So, I just missed the first bus I could have caught to Rideau. Ended up waiting a bit to catch another. If it were summer, I would have just walked but it's bloody cold out and my boots aren't so great for walking.

Anyway, I take the bus to Rideau and pop into Trivium as they sometimes have sales and decent pants. There was indeed a sale on pants for around 30$. I would have grabbed some, but as I was looking at them, I overheard the sales clerks criticizing a customer that had just left. They were making comments about how the only thing that was goth about her, was her black lipstick. Their attitude and snotty remarks caused me to turn tail and head somewhere else. I have no interest in helping assholes with their commission.

I went upstairs to Guess and the clerk was actually helpful. Found a decent pair pair of black boot cut jeans. They are called Daredevil. I would have preferred if they were called Deadpool or Wolverine, but my inner comic geek couldn't really stop giggling. In any case, jeans are purchased. Which means I have at least one pair of pants that don't suck and fit properly. (I've lost a lot of weight and I was trying to put off buying clothing until more of my debt has been paid and my weight has stabilized. The aforementioned ass-rip in my other jeans messed up those plans.)

Thankfully, the jeans I grabbed actually fit properly and I don't need to get them taken in. I also discovered that I'm now a size 30. Before anyone asks, no, I'm not on a diet. I don't really care what weight I'm at. I just don't like having weight fluctuations where I need to buy new clothing every few months or so. I think the weight loss is a side effect of going pretty much vegan for the past while and walking nearly everywhere. As well as eating very few things that have preservatives and such in them because apparently I'm super sensitive to that sort of thing and it causes me to have ridiculous anxiety attacks.

After my adventure at Guess, I popped into EB and picked up Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. That purchase was a hilarious interaction. I asked the clerk if this was the version that had Deadpool hitting people with his health bar. He said yes, then started talking about his love for Hawkeye. This then resulted in his coworkers teasing him mercilessly since Hawkeye sucks. He's really quite a terrible superhero and doesn't have much going for him. And really, I just wanted the game because it has Deadpool in it.

I took a bus back and learned that some people don't know how to open the back door on buses. They were at least two people that were waving their hands about trying to magically open the doors. I hit the button strip thing to open the door for each of them. Neither of them thanked me nor gave me a nod as acknowledgement. Granted, they probably didn't notice and likely figured their flailing magically worked. Which, I guess, technically it did.

I'm home now and trying to not be mopey. It's not working out terribly well. At least I've stopped sweating and shaking today.

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I'm trying to quit smoking again. Back on the electric cigarrette since this morning. The sweats and the twitching is pretty annoying. I'm pretty short-tempered right now even with the bit of nicotine from the e-smoke but I'm aware enough that I should not be responding to emails or anything really for at least a couple of days. By the time I go back to work on Monday, the worst of it should be over.

I've just been sleeping on and off all day because of the withdrawal from the other chemicals that are in smokes. And my lungs have started to expel "stuff." I usually call that stuff "lung butter." It's pretty gross.

The other thing I have to have myself ready for is when my sense of smell starts coming back. I remember from the last time that was actually the hardest to deal with. Because really, humans stink. The smell thing will also effect how food tastes. That's going to be difficult to deal with as well. Flavours will be different, and as a result it'll be like I have to figure out what foods and seasonings I enjoy all over again.

I just have to take it one day at a time. At least S. is on this ride with me. We figured it'd be easier if we both tried quitting again at the same time instead of just one of us.

The plan for tonight is to probably watch Supernatural and play some Sega Genesis. Granted, if today has been any indication of how it'll be tonight; it'll end up with me just slipping in and out of consciousness again. And sweating. And feeling gross.


Random point, if you were a part of the older punk scene you'd know that FTW means Fuck the World and not For the Win.

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I learned that getting home after nearly a 10 hour day at work will cause me to promptly fall asleep shortly after dinner. That being said, I'm going to try to go in early again today just because there's so much stuff to take care of.

Somewhat related, my work is looking at hiring at least one part-timer again so if you want the details, I guess send me a message?

I mostly just want me head to stop pounding at this point.

Oh, I also started reading "I Am Ozzy" last night. I very nearly fell asleep while reading it but that was just pure exhaustion and in no way related to the book itself. I didn't make it past the first chapter yet so it may be too soon to tell. But, I think it's going to be a fun read.

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For some reason I woke up firstly at 4:35am, then again at 7am. I did get my full 8 hours of sleep but this means I'll have a very long day since I don't have to be at work until 1pm. I'll probably just go in early though since I am already up and there is a pile of things that need my attention. To say I'm slightly stressed is putting it mildly.

The stress itself is probably why I'm awake. Heh.


It's not that bad really. Just a lot of fiddly little things.

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I've been taking advantage of Zune on the 360 by getting caught up on "Supernatural." I'm very nearly done Season 6. I had stopped watching when the season finale of season 5 aired since that was supposed to be the end and I figured the ensuing season(s) would end up just being silly. I am still very much enjoying the show. I'm not enjoying it as much as Seaon Five but there are some really great moments. I really need to get more Xbox live points though. It's a good thing I get paid on Friday. ;)

Today is also the wedding anniversary of my parents. I'm not even sure if I should consider them still married or not considering they haven't lived together in well over a year. They haven't even lived in the same province since dear old Dad fled to Calgary; just before having my mom committed. It's a strange day for memories.

I'm not sure what to do today. It'll probably be chores and lazing about since it's the last day of my vacation. It's also one of the last days for a while where S. and I both have off at the same time. It would probably be a good idea to at least get some laundry done and do a grocery run to make sure I have lunches for the coming week. At least I already picked up my bus pass for this month.

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This holiday season reminded me that I've lost touch with so many people. It's partly due to my work schedule and just isolating myself. Now that I have weekends off consistently, I really should actively seek out people again even if it's only for a coffee or a pint.

I've also been very slack in actually working on art or writing. I'm thinking that maybe actually posting more often than every 6 months may help with this. Granted, I'm not really sure what I should blog about as I am a fairly private person.

So, I guess I'll start with my weekend?

Friday evening, S. and I went to a hardcore show at Deckuf. The first band was great and really tight. They are a local band called, "Spilled Guts." I would definitely see them again. The second band, which I can't be arsed to remember the name of was so awful that they drove a good portion of the audience away AND they were actually being heckled while they were playing. S. and I went for a smoke partway through their set and everyone that came outside made comments on how terrible they were. They were doing the death metal screamo crap and for one song it just sounded like they were growling, "We're so awesome! We have cocks!" It was really terrible "dude" metal. The drummer also looked like he was going to into roid rage at any moment. The headliners were alright. They are called "Critical Convictions." Two of our friends are in that band which is why we stuck around and didn't bolt during the crap-fest of the second band. As I said, "Critcal Convictions" were alright but they are no "Pregnancy Scares." Granted, "Pregancy Scares" are the best punk band in Ottawa and I think it would be hilarious to have them on the same bill as the "Dayglo Abortions."

After that show, R., T., S., and I went to the Dom; Shocking I know. We had a couple of drinks there and chatted with the usual suspects. We closed the bar and brought R. And T. back to our place. I tapped out to bed fairly early for us since I had been awake since 7am that day. I'm really happy I had a nap after work before going out.

Yesterday we mostly lazed about and then headed back to Dekcuf for another show. This time to see "Nero." When the show was originally announced it was sold out within two hours. The place was packed. The band was awesome. Lauzon can do some amazing things on a guitar. His Les Paul he was using was gorgeous.

A couple of people actually had the audacity to light up a joint in the venue. They were bounced very quickly. S. and I were thankfully able to hide out in the sound booth with J. and were able to just witness the chaos from afar. We played a little game of, "Guess Which Drug People Are On," which can be incredibly entertaining and depressing at the same time. We closed the bar and somehow managed to find a cab in the market. It ended up being another earlyish night for us.

Today, we slept most of the day until we were roused from sleep to go for dinner with a couple of S.'s friends from Kingston. We had both totally forgotten that we had made said plans but we managed to get up and dressed and walk the two blocks to ESD. I had their vegetarian vegatable soup but it was far too peppery. All I could taste was pepper and sometimes a lentil. I ended up only eating maybe half and giving the rest to S. my face was actually sweating from the amount of pepper in the soup.

Then it was off to Boushey's to get some veggies where we witnessed this woman shouting at one of the clerks and making an amazing ass of herself all because the clerk carded her son when he tried to buy a lighter. He looked maybe 10. It was just further proof that some people are just assholes and apparently can't go anywhere without making a scene or buy their own lighters. I really do hate people sometimes.

Now, I'm home and sitting on the futon trying to figure out what shitty movie or TV show to watch. Or you know, I may actually be productive and attempt to draw "something."

So yeah, it's been a weekend. And I have tomorrow off from work. I foresee tomorrow also being a very lazy day. To go back to my earlier point, if any of you would like to go for a coffee or something, let me know! I'm even going to try to make it to family dinner more often. The only frustration with it being on Thursdays is that I end work at 9pm and I always feel bad going to places when I can't contribute anything. Granted, I just need to be better at planning stuff and organizing my time. I'm sure I'll figure something out.

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Munched on Daffodil

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Love Birds



3 watercolour exercises. The black is ink. Yes, it's been a while. They are all studies/exercises from a book by Claudia Nice.

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